Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bit #3: Sing!

You know the famous Mark Twain Quote:

Little Life Lesson and Bit of Grace 3:
“Sing like no one's listening, love like you've never been hurt, dance like nobody's watching, and live like its heaven on earth.”

Do all of those things and love it! I am the world's worst singer, but I loved belting out a tune that is playing on the ipod while dancing around the kitchen with my children. Life happens fast and if you sit on the sidelines worrying about how silly you might look or what others may be thinking, then you will miss the opportunity to find your hidden musical talents and have some fun.

Warm up those vocal cords and sing, sing, sing. Don't just sing in the shower, sing everywhere and all of the time. Take some time to belt out tunes like "Singing in the Rain," "Margaritaville," "Sweet Home Alabama," "Jack and Diane," or MAKE ONE UP!

What songs will you sing out loud today?
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  1. We make up songs about EVERYTHING! Absolutely everything. Mr. Bitsy is a musician... I used to call myself one until I met him. :) But I took years and years of piano lessons, so we know a thing or two about music in this family. We're 100% silly, too, so we just sing along with most everything we're doing. Keeps the mood light and loving in our home. And the kids always seem to enjoy it.
    At least... I thought so until the other day when Bitsy #1 said, "Mom, I don't like when you're silly. DAAAAD can be silly, but I don't like it when you are."
    Which brought my attention to another life lesson I'd like my children to learn: resilience! It absolutely hurt my feelings when she said that, but you know what? She was just in a bad mood. She DOES enjoy my silliness most days. :)

  2. I LOVE that quote! LOVE. IT.
    I always sing at the top of my lungs and I've never been embarrassed. It's something I learned from my daddy. I remember how he would just walk through the mall singing whatever he wanted. I would get so irritated and embarrassed in middle school but it taught me to not care what other's thought - that I should be free to sing, dance, laugh - whatever - at my leisure!

  3. I just love this! (Okay, pretty much everything you post.) I was singing (rapping?) some 90s rap this afternoon -- The Boyfriend had no idea I was hood...


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