Monday, December 14, 2009

Bit #40: Finding that Girl~Anyone can Pay It Forward

Little Life Lesson and Bit of Grace 40: Paying it forward can be fun!

{Editor's Note: As usual, "Finding That Girl" has provided us with an inspiring and enlightening post. This is a wonderful idea and just shows that there are so many ways for us to "Pay It Forward" and it can be fun too. What will you do this week?}

This week I want to tell you a story about someone else paying it forward. It's such a good story and I feel honored just to know it to be able to pass it along to you.

When I was little, like in elementary and middle school, your birthday party was everything. I mean like your social standing rested on how well your birthday party went. Sometimes, the fact that I always had absolutely amazing beithday parties was the only thing keeping me from being a total outcast back in the elementary school days.

My brother is in 7th grade and he goes to a very small private school here in Memphis. They only have one class per grade and so the kids have grown up together and are all pretty close. That's why we were a little surprised a couple of years ago when some of the kids started having birthday parties and not inviting certain people. It was like a guessing game to see who would be on these newly exclusive guest lists. Of course there was always the girl who wanted just a girly sleepover party and the boys who wanted to play full contact laser tag, which was a no brainer as to why some people were left off those guest lists. This year - this past weekend to be exact - a girl in his class had the most exclusive birthday party to date. Only 10 kids were invited and they were handpicked by the birthday girl herself. The only instruction was to show up at the Wolfchase Mall at 2pm on Saturday.. To say that I was intrigued was an understatement.

The party turned out to be called "Shopper's Challenenge" and each child received an envelope with instructions on what kind of outfit to select and $25. Then came the kicker - these outfits were going to be donated to underprivileged children as part of their Christmas gifts! I was completely taken aback that a 7th grade girl would choose this for her party! This is literally all they did - shop and eat a cakie in the mall food court. And that's what she wanted. Talk about paying it forward - this little girl has got me beat by at least a mile! I still can't get over such a selfless act of giving at what is supposed to be all about you - a birthday party! It sure makes me feel selfish for all the years I made mine all about me. But maybe next year I'll take my cue from one of Evan's classmates and pay it forward a little bit to some who have little when I am receiving so much.

Love, Whitney


  1. Love it. As usual Whitney brings something new to the table for us to think about.

    What an amazing little girl!

  2. What a selfless thing to do! Kudos to her!


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