Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bit #39: Put Thought in to the Gifts You Give

Little Life Lesson and Bit of Grace #39: Put thought in to the gifts you give!

We ALL have received the "bad" and completely random gift. As the holidays approach, I thought we could take this opportunity to talk about gifts.

Have you gotten the air mattress and coordinating manual air pump, sunflower button shirt (I am not even kidding), meat dehydrator, article of clothing that was so hideous, the dog hid and was also 2 sizes to big/small, socks, etc.? I'm sure we could compile our gifts and create an emporium of those "bad" gifts.

The older I get, the more I cherish gifts that is obvious that the giver put a lot of thought and effort in. It is not at all about the cost or size of the gift, but the thought.

I LOVE when I find something for someone that is perfect. They immediately pop in to my head when I see it or sometimes before a birthday or the holidays I will start thinking about what would be perfect for that special person.

We all have gifts, talents, hobbies, and awesome personalities and even the most hard to buy for person has thoughtful gifts waiting for them. So put your "thinking caps" on this holiday season.

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  1. Thoughtful gifts are always the best! It doesn't matter the cost when it comes from your heart!


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