Friday, December 18, 2009

Bit #43: Be Mindful

Little Life Lesson and Bit of Grace 43: Be Mindful

The older I get and now especially that I have children, I am constantly aware of other's actions and words that are around me. I worry about what my children will be exposed to in public. I work hard to set a good example for my children and I want to teach them the appropriate ways to handle things and behave. I also want to cocoon them from ideas, words, and actions that they are much to young to explore and see.

I am amazed at how people give NO thought to who might be around when in public. Words are used, screamed, and continually repeated with younger ears around as well as certain actions or ideas that my children are being exposed to and I really have no control over.

So, obviously the crude behavior is not appropriate, but also be mindful of ideas that you are exposing and passing on to younger ones in your life.

A good friend and I had a long email chat one day about her niece. Her niece's mother is always talking about how fat she is, etc. and now this precious little girl is saying that she is fat too.

The Golden Rule comes to mind here: Treat others as you would want to be treated.

By being mindful of others, you are treating others with respect.

Think before you speak and act.


  1. Such a great post, as always. The Boyfriend and I were talking about this last night. We were at a football game and this guy (maybe early 20's) held up both middle fingers and said something very nasty when the camera went on him... I was embarassed for him since he obviously had no sense!


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