Friday, November 6, 2009

Bit #27: Drink Water

Little Life Lesson and Bit of Grace 27: Drink Plenty of WaterI know this is a straight forward and perhaps boring bit today. Kids, listen up...DRINK WATER!!!
If you don't do anything else to improve your health, drink water. Drinking your daily dose of water does wonders for your body! Drink extra water when you are exercising or playing sports or in extremely warm weather.
Keep water handy and accessible. Use stylish and fun bottles that you take with you, keep out or on your desk. If it is near you and "staring you down," you are more likely to drink it. If you get sick of BORING old water, spice things up with lemon or other natural flavors.
PS-Drinking that "cool," expensive water, doesn't make you cool. Regular old tap water is the coolest and cheapest. Filter your own water. You can save that Fiji water money for something fun and new!
(thanks flickr for the water image)

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  1. yay! for water. I like to jazz mine up with some Walmart Light (generic Crystal Light).


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