Monday, November 16, 2009

Bit #32: Finding That Girl~Roll With the Punches

Little Life Lesson and Bit of Grace 32: Sometimes You Just Have to Roll With the Punches
{Editor's Note: Of course, I love all of Whitney's posts, but this week's "Finding That Girl" column rings oh so true. Oprah calls them "aha" moments and we all have them. The question is, do we always listen? We all know that will hand us lemons. Thanks Whitney...we're proud of you for making that lemonade. Have a great day!}
If you're a planner like me, when something throws you off course you immediately begin to make another plan. You start weighing all your options, lay out possible scenarios and you might even make a pro/con list for your decision making process. That's what I started doing when I found out my hours were cut at work.
I knew that I couldn't make it on what my new paychecks were going to be, so I knew I would have to start figuring something out. Right away I decided I would get a part-time retail job at night, sell what I could on Ebay and re-work my budget cutting out any and all completely unnecessary expenses.
Then, I couldn't find a part-time retail job. My availability isn't all that great due to my full-time job, nobody could pay me what I need to be paid and every store wondered why someone with my retail experience was trying to get a nighttime register position.
I didn't know what to do; my plan had failed me.
Then, I had a "lightbulb" moment.
Do what I know.
And what do I know how to do more than anything else?
In college I did mystery shopping on a very part-time basis for extra money, so why couldn't I do the same thing now only not so part-time? I checked back into one of the old companies I worked for and then found some new ones that were looking for independent contractors. I've been back at it for a little over a week now, and while it doesn't completely replace my missing income from my regular job I'm at least making it. And I get to keep my flexibility and familiarity that I love so much.
And that's a lesson I re-discovered this week - roll with the punches. I'm not always going to make the best or right plan, things aren't always in my control and I just need to take what comes my way and make it work for me. That's hard for a type-A, control freak, fixer like myself but it really puts me in my place.
And sometimes, we need to be put in our place and learn to roll with the punches.


  1. I agree so much Whitney! It takes a lot to just roll with what you're given, but I'm sure you'll do great for now and in the future something else when come along :)

  2. Awesome Whitney, what a GREAT idea!!!!! :)

  3. Great thoughts Whitney!


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